-- 29.08.2011 Here we go.... --

Finally we have arranged to load up a homepage. Nothing spectacular but at least it's informative :)

The preorder for our new record "twelve little compliments" starts on thursday (September 1st) at www.bfr-records.de
(American friends: We'll have news for you later this month!).
We're more than stoked that you finally get to hear our record this month after all the energy, cigarettes, beer and love we've put in it.
You can already hear two songs called "Sleepless Romatic" and "If you'd stay" on our facebook-page (www.facebook.com/allaboardnow).

Furthermore we have two new shirtdesigns which we'll have in stock at our upcoming shows and maybe sometime soon in our shop here.

Take a look:

Shirt "Pill":
Girlie M-L, Men S-XL

Shirt "Hand":
Men only! S-XL

We'll be back with more information!