-- 18.10.2011 Bags are packed... --

That's it. Our bags are being packed right now and we can't wait one minute more.
Our good friend Philipp (is ready to go too) we know this is gonna be one of the best times of our lives.
We're looking forward to meeting all the familiar and non-familiar faces on the road...

21.10.11 FR- Épinal, Bar Le Rivoli
22.10.11 FR-Bordeaux, Le Fiacre
26.10.11 IT-Castiglione d. Stiviere, Arci Dallò

27.10.11 D-Konstanz, Contrast
28.10.11 CH-Winterthur, Gisi
29.10.11 D-Sulzbach-Rosenberg, JuZ Hängematte
30.10.11 AT-Wien, Ekh
31.10.11 CZ-Prag, Café na pul cesty
01.11.11 D-Leipzig, 4rooms
02.11.11 D-Berlin, K19
03.11.11 D-Hamburg, MS Hedi
04.11.11 D-Schwerte, Rattenloch
05.11.11 D-Illingen, JuZ
06.11.11 D-Gießen, AK44

Between the 23rd and 26th,  we'll hang out by the Cote d'Azur. There are way worse spaces to chill on off-days...

See all of you soon!